Canyon Hills Acquisition

In dialogue with the Trust for Public Land, we’re pursuing a conservation solution for the Canyon Hills site in the Verdugo Mountains in LA.

Help us meet our acquisition goal.

7000-8000 La Tuna Canyon Rd., Los Angeles, CA 91042. Unceded territory of the Fernandeño Tataviam and Gabrieleno Tongva Band of Mission Indians.

The origin of the toponym “La Tuna” can be traced to the indigenous village of Wixaanga, meaning “Place of the Cholla Cactus.”



More than 300 acres of Significant Ecological Area in the Verdugo Mountains are threatened by luxury development. 

We now have an opportunity to conserve the land in perpetuity. 

We’re halfway to our funding goal. Can you help?

Conserving the site will protect crucial wildlife habitat linkages in the Verdugos, center tribal-led stewardship and the reintegration of indigenous knowledge to the land, and allow for future environmental care, restoration, and enhanced public access. It will protect river tributaries and streams in the Los Angeles Watershed, improving tributary greenways and protecting vulnerable water sources. 

Can we crowd-fund a mountain? Absolutely. Together we can.

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